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英语角-圆桌会议 Round Table:暗黑系料理你敢吃吗?

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Topic1 Safety Issues of Food Ordering AppsFood ordering apps have gone popular among many smartphone users. But a recent report showed some restaurants listed on the app "e le ma" or "Are you hungry" do not even have business licenses. Are food ordered on apps really safe to eat?

Topic2 Crowdfunding for AnimationChinese animation film "Monkey King: Hero is Back" has snatched the crown of the best-selling animation movie in Chinese history. The fact that it was financed by crowd funding has been seen as the solution to the lack of funding for China's animation movies in general.

Topic3 Majors to Pass down Traditional Beijing HandicraftsBeijing municipal human resources and social security bureau has announced to set up vocational school majors on the last 3 of 8 traditional Beijing handicrafts within 3 years. Will such a measure be effective in preserving traditional craftsmanship?

Topic4 Weird FoodsMid-autumn festival is around the corner, mooncake producers are getting creative with "weird flavors." There's garlic flavored, Chinese Chives and egg flavored mooncakes. Weird foods or dark cuisines are ubiquitous. Have you ever fallen victim to any of them?

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